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Golden Age
April 21, 2017
Nail Polish Strips, Glitter Series, Fuchsia
April 21, 2017
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Blueberry Wine

Nail Polish Strips, Glitter Series, Blueberry Wine

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  • Quick & Easy to Apply
  • Zero drying time
  • Long lasting (up to approx 10 days) & waterproof
  • Made from 100% real nail polish
  • Safe for your nails


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  • Clean your nails with HIGH’S Cleanser pad
  • Select a suitable size for your nails and peel the film back on each side
  • Place around the edge of your nail base
  • File the excess off gently


  • Buff your nails before applying the nail strip/patch for longer lasting nails.
  • Slightly press down on the nail polish strip/patch while applying to force out any air bubbles.
  • Do not apply the patch to skin.
  • The nail polish strip/patch can be used approx 2 to 3 times, and are available for both hands & feet.
  • Seal up after use, the strips/patch will dry out and can become brittle at high temperatures.

Weight 0.06 lbs
Dimensions 7.8 × 4 × 0.24 in


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